Civil War Institute

Certificate Program

In order to enroll in the Civil War Certificate Program, you must complete an application form. There is a one-time $25.00 fee due at the time the application is filed. Payment for individual courses is due at the time of registration. 

Upon completion of the certificate program, you will receive:

A Certificate of Completion

25% discount on your first year’s membership to the Delaware Valley Civil War Round Table

In order for a participant to earn a Civil War Certificate, through Manor’s Civil War Institute, eight courses must be completed. Of the eight courses, four must be core courses with the remainder being electives. Courses may be taken in any sequence.

Download the Civil War Application for Certificate

Civil War Overview 12
The Gettysburg Campaign 12
Life of the Common Soldier 12
The Lincoln Assassination 12
Abraham Lincoln: The War Years 6
African Americans in the Civil War 6
The Antietam Campaign 6
Blue Water/Brown Water-Civil War Navies 6
Bull Run-Manassas Twice 6
Cavalry Raids & Campaigns 6
Causes of The Civil War 6
The Chancellorsville Campaign 6
Charleston Must Die 6
Chickamauga-Chattanooga Campaign 6
City Life During the Civil War 12
Civil War Potpourri I 12
Civil War Tactics & Weapons 6
Civilians During the Civil War 6
Franklin and Nashville 6
Fredericksburg Campaign 6
Gettysburg, The Aftermath 6
Home Life 6
The Irish in the Civil War 6
John Brown and Harper’s Ferry 6
Lincoln: A Life to the list of core courses 6
Medicine in the Civil War 6
Meet the Generals 6
Opening the War in the West 6
The Overland Campaign of 1864 6
Overland Campaign, Desperate Measures: Unusual Incidents of the Civil War and Custer 6
Perfect Shower of Bullets 6
Petersburg – The Nine Month Siege 6
Prisons and Prisoners 6
Secession: The Battle for Southern Independence 8
Sherman’s March to Victory 6
The Vicksburg Campaign 6
Women in the Civil War 6
Young Mr. Lincoln 6