The Civil War Institute at Manor College

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The Civil War Institute at Manor College is a formal organization dedicated to preserving a period of time in our history that to this day has had a profound social, economic, and religious impact on our nation. The Civil War comes to vivid life with diverse and specialized courses that delve deeper than the typical history course that focuses on names, dates, and events.

These classes will consist of information that includes a general overview to an in-depth detailed examination of this historical period. Follow General William Tecumseh Sherman’s western army battle to Atlanta, receive a potpourri of women, spies, marriages, heroes, rogue and lunatics and experience history come alive.
In association with the Delaware Valley Civil War Round Table, The Civil War Institute at Manor College has developed programs on a variety of subjects pertaining to the era of 1861 – 1870.

The Institute’s mission is to educate the public on the Civil War and the conditions and events that divided our nation as well as the period of healing and recovery. In addition to these programs, the Institute has presenters available to speak before civil and social groups on specific topics of interest, i.e., the Lincoln assassination, William T. Sherman, Philadelphia in the Civil War, etc. For a complete list of topics and information on how to schedule a Round Table speaker, call Jerry Carrier at (215) 676-5877. In cooperation with elementary and secondary schoolteachers, the Institute’s instructors can integrate Civil War subject matter to enhance their current syllabi. The Institute will also be scheduling field trips to historical Civil War sites with tour guides.

The Civil War Institute is located on the campus of Manor College, 700 Fox Chase Road, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. Take courses independently or enroll in Manor’s Civil War Certificate Program. We no longer offer CEUs or ACT 48 hours for our Civil War classes.

All of the courses – Core Courses and Electives – may be taken individually or as stand alone courses. Civil War aficionados can choose to legitimize their experience by enrolling in the Civil War Certificate Program.


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