Types of Admissions

HS Dual Enrollment

Eligibility Requirements:

  • High school juniors and seniors
  • Honor, Advanced Placement or IB students
  • GPA - 3.0
  • 500 critical reading/verbal SAT
  • 90% attendance in high school
  • Recommended by high school

General Information:

  • Registrations must be approved by Manor College and the high school
  • Adherence to academic calendars of both Manor College and high school required
  • Manor College credits are transferable to other colleges and universities if you receive a 'C' or better
  • High school students are integrated into the Manor College classroom located on our campus at 700 Fox Chase Road, Jenkintown, PA 19027
  • All legal classes at Manor College are fully approved by the American Bar Association
  • One set of official Manor College transcripts are free; Additional transcripts cost $5.00 each

Course Offerings:

  • Classes run by semesters - Fall and Spring - 15 weeks; Summer Sessions – 6 weeks each; Semester course offerings will vary
  • No on-line coursesare available to high school dual enrollment students
  • No accelerated courses are available to high school dual enrollment students during the Fall and Spring semesters
  • Only one science course per semester is permitted; Be sure to register for both lecture and lab
  • All prerequisites must be met
  • Students may drop/add classes only during the first week of classes by contacting the Manor College dual enrollment coordinator over


  • Roster must be presented to Security to receive your Manor photo ID card
  • All students must register for a Manor email (to activate your Manor email account, ask the librarian staff for assistance, follow attached instructions or go to Manor's website for instructions
  • All students are encouraged to register for our emergency text messaging (see attached or go to Manor's website for instructions).


  • Manor does not recognize a "cut" policy; Attendance may affect your grade (at the discretion of your professor)
  • Attendance, midterm grades, final grades, and academic alerts will be reported to the high school and the School District
  • All grades are reported on both Manor and high school transcripts
  • Contact your Manor professors for any missed work, quizzes, or tests and for help

Facilities and Resources:

  • Library, computers, cafeteria, and student lounge at Manor College are available to all high school dual enrollment students
  • The Learning Center at Manor College is free to all high school dual enrollment student for tutors, study guides, online tutoring, constructive criticism on papers, and sample tests

Manor College contact person for high school dual enrollment program:

Contact Continuing Education, at 215-884-2218 or email coned@manor.edu for more information or to register.