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Prepared to fund your education

Attending college – any college – is a major milestone in life. It’s also one that requires careful planning as you arrange ways to pay for your education. At Manor College, we are committed to making our personalized education experience possible for all students, both academically and financially.

Before you make any decisions about financing your education, it’s important to explore all your options and understand the facts.

Our Financial Aid Office can offer you and your family valuable information about payment plans, loan options, scholarships – from Manor College and from other sources – awards and grants, educational benefits for veterans, and student employment and work-study opportunities.

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  • Review: Every student's financial needs are evaluated on an individual basis
  • Awards: Most Manor College financial aid awards are given based on the federal definition of need-based aid
  • Grants: Federal, state, and Manor College grants are available for students with exceptional financial need or to supplement other sources of financial aid
  • Merit: Some students may qualify for merit-based aid or scholarships, without consideration of their financial means

Manor College awards more than $500,000 in scholarships each year, with either full or partial tuition paid, available on both competitive and non-competitive bases. Our streamlined systems have reduced paperwork requirements for applying and improved our response time in determining recipients. The list of scholarships is long, reflecting substantial opportunities, so be sure to read through it carefully; there may be one that’s just right for you.

TIP: The earlier you apply for financial aid, the better chance you have to receive available funds
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Please contact our Financial Aid Office with any questions about eligibility, the application process, or any other aspect of financial aid.
Phone (215) 884-6051
Fax: (215) 576-6564

Chris Hartman – Director of Financial Aid
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Nick Zwarych – Senior Financial Aid Counselor
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Sarah Landis – Financial Aid Counselor
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Fred Hough – Financial Aid Counselor
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