Course Requirements

After extensive study, Manor College has adopted a core curriculum to be required of all matriculated Manor students who expect to graduate with A.A. or A.S. degrees.

Manor College faculty and administration believe that any student graduating from Manor should have developed certain essential life and intellectual skills, as well as having mastered a common body of knowledge.

The core curriculum has therefore been developed to include a variety of intellectual disciplines through which students will become well-rounded, educated individuals.  In addition, the core has been designed to show the connectedness of these disciplines and their relevance to a student’s career, further education and life.

Associate in Arts Degree (A.A.) or Associate in Science Degree (A.S.)

  • Core Requirements
  • English Composition I   3 Credits
  • Religion Course Elective  3 Credits
  • English Composition II    3 Credits          
  • Philosophy 100   3 Credits
  • History Elective   3 Credits
  • Social Science Elective  3 Credits
  • Mathematics Elective   3 Credits
  • Science Elective 3/4 Credits
  • Computer Science (CS 105 or CS 106) 3 Credits
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