Marketing is all about the customer:

  • Identifying potential customers
  • Converting prospects into customers
  • Satisfying existing customers
  • Keeping customers coming back for more
  • Delivering value to the organization by helping to develop, price, and promote products and services that customers need and want

As a career, marketing requires creativity, analytical skills, and interpersonal skills. Here, your coursework will focus on theory and practical application, with Principles of Marketing, Internet Marketing, Sales Strategies, International Marketing, and Statistics.

The Business Administration concentration in Marketing will prepare you for an entry-level position in retailing, wholesaling, promotion, marketing research, or sales. We recommend that you build on this base with further studies toward a bachelor’s degree in Marketing at a four-year institution.

Many graduates begin their marketing careers with a position in sales, where you really get to know a company’s products, services, and customers. Graduates with mathematical and analytical skills often begin their careers in market research.

Course Sequence for Marketing