Accountants work with numbers to bring meaning to a company’s operations. As an accountant, you might prepare and analyze financial statements, budgets, cost reports, and other financial plans. Your work would be instrumental in helping management to understand the performance and trends in various parts of the business.

Accounting professionals are in demand in all facets of business, industry, commerce, law enforcement, and government. With today’s accounting environment being so highly computerized, accountants can also contribute to the selection and design of information systems.

Our Accounting program can provide you with a solid foundation in accounting practices and procedures. Faculty are working professionals who bring their experiences and knowledge into the classroom, and they reinforce learning in a number of ways:

  • Classroom and Web-assisted instruction
  • Student/instructor discussions
  • Case study analysis
  • Visual aids
  • Outside guest speakers
  • College-sanctioned activities
  • Externships with practical, hands-on accounting experience

Upon graduation, you can work at the junior accountant level or transfer to a four-year educational institution to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Course Sequence for Accounting

Program Learning Goals