Manor College is a private, Catholic, co-educational, independent institution of higher learning founded in suburban Montgomery County in 1947 by the Byzantine Ukrainian Sisters of Saint Basil the Great.  Originally founded as St. Macrina’s, in 1959, Manor was chartered and incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as Manor Junior College. The College was approved by the State Council of Education, Department of Instruction on June 17, 1964.  In 1999 Manor moved from Manor Junior College to Manor College to reflect its growth, expansion, and place in Philadelphia suburban community.  Manor College now offers two year programs in allied health, science and math; business technology and legal studies; and the liberal arts.  It also features a University Center where students can continue to the bachelor’s degree through university partners that offer programs on Manor’s campus.

As an institution of higher learning related to the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Eastern tradition (which is represented in the Holy See and the Roman Curia, i.e., the central body through which the Roman Pontiff (the Pope) conducts the affairs of the universal Catholic Church) the College is committed to the preservation of its spiritual and ethnic heritage.  Manor College is sponsored and administered by the Sisters of Saint Basil the Great, whose heritage and tradition are the pursuit of truth and the building of a Christian community. Manor reflects this heritage and tradition. The College is legally governed by a twenty-one (21) member Board of Trustees, consisting of lay men and women from the business and professional communities, and religious Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great.

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Manor College is a welcoming community that honors our Catholic identity and Basilian ideals.  Our sponsors – The Sisters of Saint Basil the Great – were founded in the 4th century by Saint Basil the Great and his sister Saint Macrina. Their primary influence was the Gospel imperative to love all human beings and serve each person in the name of God. They believed in developing the potential of each human being through education, and working in partnership with God in this creative act.

We express our Basilian intellectual tradition through a fundamental openness in the search for truth that sees no ultimate conflict between religious faith and human knowing, and is receptive to other expressions of religious faith.

Who we are and what we believe permeates Manor College in both visible and subtle ways.

Signs of our faith

  • Religious Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great
  • Liturgy
  • Campus Ministry
  • Chapel
  • Theology courses
  • Founder’s Day
  • Names of buildings
  • Orientation
  • Visual displays such as the Manor seal, banners, and flags around campus

Interwoven into all we do

  • Emphasis on our motto “Fortitudio (fortitude) and Caritas (charity)”
  • Our Statement of Community Ideals, emphasizing a welcoming community and respect for all
  • Catholic social teaching
  • Institutional goals

Manor College is a purposeful, just, and caring community – a place where every person is supported and respected, and where service to others is strongly encouraged and modeled.

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Having arrived from Yavoriv, Ukraine in 1911, and establishing Manor College in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania in 1947, the Sisters of St. Basil the Great, Jesus Lover of Humanity Province, are a Byzantine Ukrainian order of the Eastern rite.  Among their missions is education through Manor College.

Manor College fosters an awareness and appreciation of Ukrainian heritage and culture through its on-campus Ukrainian Heritage Studies Center (UHSC), established in 1977.  The UHSC features four major attributes: Academic Studies, a Ukrainian Library, a Museum collection of Ukrainian traditional arts, and an Archives Division.

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Manor College believes that personalized education in the Judeo-Christian tradition generates a commitment to a peaceful world, which inspires confidence in the present and hope for the future. Manor’s Basilian environment enables students to fully develop as individuals and instills an understanding of scientific, humanistic and ethical principles so students form a global vision. Manor also believes that graduation begins a new chapter of lifelong learning.

By maintaining academic excellence through current, innovative programs and encouraging students to develop a sense of inquiry, their critical thinking, effective communication skills, and by providing opportunities to serve the community, Manor graduates are prepared to serve society effectively and compassionately.

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Manor College visions itself as a bachelor’s granting Catholic Basilian teaching college of distinction with a thriving robust and diverse student body; excellent academic programs that prepare our students for contemporary careers; accessibility that fosters and encourages students from all demographics to become a part of our community; a student population that is thoughtful about their future and the future of our world; faculty and staff who are dedicated to student-centeredness and community mindfulness, participating in mission-aligned local and regional organizations; and premiere in its national record for superior campus safety.   Manor College subscribes to its Catholic identity, Ukrainian heritage, institutional mission, and core values.  Our core values are

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Manor College CARES about our students and our community, evidenced by our core values:

Catholic Basilian Tradition of Community, Hospitality and a Global Vision of Humanity

Academic Excellence Through Personalized Education, Effective Teaching and a Belief in Lifelong Learning

Respect for the Dignity of Each Person

Experiences that Transform Our Students

Service to the Community

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Manor College’s colors are blue and white, incorporated into the seal.  The outer circle includes the college’s name, founding date and location.

The inner circle is divided into three parts:

  1. Top: The Greek symbol, Chi-Rho (representing Christ) is flanked by the Greek letters, Alpha and Omega (representing Christ as God who is beginning and end).  Curving over the Chi-Rho are the words: “Ego sum via et veritas et vita” which mean: “I am the way, the truth and the life” John 14:6.
  2. Left: The Oak leaf represents courage, fortitude, and perseverance.  Above the Oak leaf are the words “Sancta Macrina” meaning “Saint Macrina,” who was the sister of Saint Basil and the foundress of the Sisters of Saint Basil the Great.  Below the Oak leaf is the word “Fortitudo” meaning “Fortitute” or strength.
  3. Right: The Pillar of Fire represents Saint Basil’s firm faith and intense love of God and all people.  It embodies the sacrifices and labors that Basilian Sisters undertake in God’s name.  Above the Pillar of Fire are the words “Sanctus Basilius” meaning “Saint Basil,” who is the father of Eastern Christian monasticism.  He regarded love as central to Basilian monasticism.  Below the Pillar of Fire is the word “Caritas” meaning “Love.”

The Manor College Motto is “Fortitudo – Caritas” reflecting the virtues of Fortitude and Love which together reflect living life courageously and always mindful of keeping a blessed relationship with God.

The seal is to be used for official purposes/documents only, not as a brand logo.

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